Challenges Faced by Tow Truck Drivers

Challenges Faced by Tow Truck Drivers

Challenges Faced by Tow Truck Drivers

There is a steady growth in the towing business due to the current increase in automobiles and vehicles on the roads. Assistance in towing recovery has become a requirement as a result of busy roads and heavy traffic. However, precaution should be observed by the towing operators because there are high risks of hazards and dangers which they should strive to avoid. Towing can be a very dangerous work if precaution is not observed. Some of the important precautions that should be put into consideration are explained below.

Road Navigation

Professional knowledge and skills are required to drive a vehicle with a trailer or load pulling behind. Skills only in driving are not enough for safe navigation on the roads. There is more danger in the presence of roaming animals, slippery roads, debris, potholes or floods. To deal with such hazards, tow truck drivers should be adequately aware and prepared for such scenarios and environments.

Poor road and weather conditions

Driving on the road is significantly affected by the weather conditions. Poor weather hampers vehicle control, vision and navigation. A vehicle driver finds it difficult to drive in poor weather, but this cannot be compared to a towing driver, driving a towing vehicle with another towing vehicle.


To carry out roadside assistance such as to drive a tow truck is physically demanding. In a situation where the tow truck driver worked for long hours throughout that day, he will be fatigued at some point in time. Fatigue indirectly causes the driver to face hazards, accidents and other physical health related challenges.

Poor drivers

Some of the important skills that tow operators should have include; driving tow trucks with discipline, professional skills, alertness, they should have the ability to keenly watch out in case of other reckless drivers who could pose danger. As much as the elements of discipline and skills directly come from the tow truck drivers, it is no guarantee that the other road side users may possess similar virtues. However, lesser risks are expected in roads with lesser traffic compared to the congested roads. Reckless drivers may run over the towing operators on duty or knock the tow truck from the rear; therefore, the tow truck drivers swerve off the lane. Not all the car drivers know about State of California law on towing, knowing about these laws can be great for the car drivers.

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