California law on towing

The overview

In this article, you will find useful information about towing laws in California on private property. The article also provides some answers if you think that you have ever been a victim of predatory towing. California has towing rules which prevent wrongful towing. The towing companies are supposed to know the law but this is not always the case. Some bad companies and their employees are not well trained on this and they are the ones which bring out violations.

When a vehicle is towed

California law on towing

California law on towing

A vehicle can be towed if

  • Block an entrance to a property or an exit.
  • It is found in a disabled or handicapped parking lot.
  • If the car is parked in a fire lane. No vehicle is allowed to park at this lane at all and if found is liable to immediate towing.
  • Found within a fire hydrant recommendations which is usually 15 feet.

One hour towing

If a property offers a free parking and a vehicle is found parked wrongly for one hour, the vehicle can be towed.  This law applies to stores and restaurants which are privately owned and does not charge for the parking. For instance, if the parking sign says that the parking is for customers only, you can only be towed after an hour. If the vehicle gets towed before one hour ends, the penalty will include the towing and the storage fees.

24 hour towing

If you park on a paid parking space, your vehicle can only be towed after 24 hour and this is after the parking fee has expired.  For example, if you pay a parking at 2 pm, you can only be towed the next day the same time.

Towing from a private property requirements

The California towing law on private property gives different situations where the vehicle can be legally towed on a private property.

Presence of signs barring parking

By far this is the most common case covering apartments, restaurants, and stores. If a vehicle is found on such places and the signs are clear, then the vehicle can be towed.

If private properties indicate a sign barring public parking, the signage must have the following information;

  • The sign must in a plain view
  • The sign must have the correct dimensions 17 by 22 inches
  • The lettering must be 1 inch high and should state the following

* Parking for public is prohibited

*telephone number for the local police

*vehicles towed at the owner’s expense

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